Thursday, July 28, 2011

Minutes Of July 27th Meeting

T3 Meeting, 27th July, No75 Restaurant
Present:- Jeff, Justin, Chris, Christine, Carolyn, Lizzie, Andrew, Sue F, Sue Childs.
As  Lizzie needed to go home she spoke first to tell us about her new scheme, which launches Thursday 28th, the No75 Crop Swap. As all the food served at No 75 is produced on the premises, with the exception of bread, any food produced locally can be taken to No 75 and exchanged for food and drink. Vegetables, fruit, edible flowers, herbs, game, fish etc is all welcome. The producer just needs to phone 24 hours in advance and let them know what they have, and Tyrone can adjust his menu and grocery order accordingly. This will help to reduce wastage, cut down food miles and carbon footprint as less orders to the wholesaler will cut down on lorry deliveries. The scheme is being featured in this weeks Kentish Express.
Clean Up  Day. This has been featured in the Kentish Express, as has Jeff's clarification letter regarding Chris Weir.We are still awaiting a reply from Harry Hickmott. Also waiting for Jo Vos to obtain the Neighbourhood Watch list. It was agreed that more than one site is needed as a collection point. It was also agreed that we will NOT touch any black sacks which are obviously people's bags out for normal collection, as this is NOT litter. It was also agreed that any large items, i.e. flytipping, should be noted with the exact location and nature of the item, to be reported to the council for removal .
BTWW. This has been running for 4 weeks now. It was agreed that we need to increase the advertising of this event, and change it to include walking etc. Possible re-naming as Zero Carbon Wednesday. It was agreed that Sue F will talk to Paul at the White Lion about advertising the event more prominently, preferably outside the hotel.
Waste Apples. Jeff has tested the waste apples we found , by making a crumble, which was very nice! We have seen an apple press which is used by  a friend, which cost £99. If we can find out who owns the orchard, and gain permission to pick the apples there, it will be worth investing in a similar press, to make Juice or Cider. We are also looking into the production of T3 apple chutney.
HH Community Garden. This has now started, with a large donation of plants from Zillah Guess. We need more plants,seeds etc, and volunteers to help tend the garden.
There is a wide strip of land behind the hall, this needs clearing but will then be suitable for planting. Once the playgroup re-opens in September we can start in earnest. 
T3 TEA  Following on from last meeting's suggestion that we have a presence at the Folk Weekend, Jeff looked in to the costs involved and it was decided that a cheaper option would be to run our own event instead. We therefore have booked Highbury Hall, with the intention of running a 'Coffee Morning', with traditional items such as Raffle, Cake Stall, etc, sell tea, coffee and cakes, and have displays our projects, explanation of the Transition Town concept etc. We will also invite local producers of food, crafts, etc to have a stall, at a small fee .We need volunteers, donations of plants, seeds, books, old crockery, raffle prizes, cakes etc. The event will be 10-4, 1st October 2011.

Arts Group. Jeff would like to get local artists, performers and musicians involved in T3 . He has spoken to Gill and Holly Bridgstock, but would like to get in touch with as many local people as we can find.
We would like to get photos taken of the Clean Up Day in progress, as well as our other events, with the aim of creating an art work from it .
Tool Swap. As well as our previously discussed Plant swap and Book swap ideas, Jeff suggested a Tool swap. Many people have old tools languishing in the back of the shed, so if we arrange a swapping day people can exchange items. Andrew knows someone who sharpens tools as well as repairing items, so we need to liaise with him and see if we can set up a scheme with him.
St Michaels Fun Day  This is on the 11th September, and it was agreed that we should again have a presence at this event. We have received permission to take part in this event, either mingling with the crowd as we did at Tentertainment, or with a stand if we can obtain a table and a Gazebo. Andrew also suggested that we should attend the next St Michaels meeting, to introduce T3 ,Clean Up Day etc. Andrew will confirm the next meeting date to Jeff by email.
Next T3 Meeting will be held on THURSDAY 25th August, at The Vine Inn.

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