Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pedal Powered Drinkies

Get ready, people. Come along to Tenterden's May Fayre on Monday May 7th and get a load of the new T3 Smoothy Bike.  Tenterden Rec, 11am to 4 pm, we'll be the people with the bike at our tent! Lots of other stuff besides, so spend the day with us. Bring along some homegrown fruit if you like, and maybe some reusable cups to reduce waste. 

A handful of berries, some OJ, pedal for thirty seconds or so, and voila!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

T3 @Homewood Spring Fayre

The bug hotel that was built in the chicken run on the school farm after Carolyn and Jean went to talk to a group of teachers and students about bug hotels.

The sports hall. 

Justin tweets us up a storm.

CleanUp WrapUp

Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, the car is loaded, the pickers, gloves, sacks and tabards for Sunday are here, so we are all set for a weekend of fun! Homewood Spring Fayre on Saturday, 10 till 2, then Clean Up Tenterden Day 2 at 10 am on Sunday at the Rec! Be there - it'll be a blast!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unleash The Beast

A while back we put the word out that we were looking for a blender. We didn't say what it was for but rumours started circulating. Was it a TARDIS? A time machine? Some sort of solar powered scooter? Well, now it can be revealed. We took the blender, given to us by Kentish Express ace reporter Tricia Jamieson...

and a cruddy old bike with a seized-up chain...

and gave them to our mate Phill, who is a bit of a dab hand  with machinery and tools, and also a kind of Heath-Robinsoneque boffin, and said "Sort that lot out, mate".

So on May 7th at the Tenterden May Fair, we will be there, with The Smoothy Bike. Just needs a lick of paint and it'll be ready. Here's what it looks like now.

If you want to see more detailed pics, drop me a line at I assure you the thing not only works, but it's fast. You really only need pedal for about 20 seconds and that it is it. Phill tested it by making a batch of nettle soup, and he said it worked great. So as soon as it's ready in glorious T3 green and white, it'll be seen at various events. At the moment it is stationary, but hopefully we'll make another one that's mobile.


In August we are planning a Low Impact concert. All being well it will be held at the Zion Baptist Church in Tenterden's High Street. It will be 'low impact' because we will be staging it in the late afternoon/early evening to reduce the need for excessive lighting (being August, it won't get dark till after 9pm). Our PA will be powered by a bank of car batteries deep cycle carbon fibre batteries and a power inverter. The batteries will have been charged using solar panels and a wind turbine. We'll hopefully be providing beverages - hopefully beer - which will cost you less if you bring your own reusable glass or cup. UPDATE - No beer unfortunately, but we'll have some form of beverages. And of course, you are free to bring your own. There will definitely be nibbles of some sort. And the musicians that will be performing? Check this out, y'all.

The lovely and extremely talented Nina Clark!

The wonderfully wacky, truly talented and definitely danceable Hastings combo The Lucky Ones!

The terrific troubadour from sunny Deal, Pierre Vincent!

Well folks, whaddya reckon? How's that for a lineup?

Spring Fair - Gallery

A great time was had by all at the Spring Fair and Swap Shop. Here are some pics!