Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sir Litternot

The newest weapon in Ashford Borough Council's fight against litter is a fictional knight named Sir Litternot. ABC have been promoting the knight and his noble quest against the litterbugs by having him visit the local towns and villages, handing out bags, stickers, stationery and fridge magnets emblazoned with his slogan "Use litter bins and everyone wins!"

We thought that since keeping the town clean was part of our remit we would meet up with the knight and his cohorts and whip out the camera. So, here's me with Sir Litternot and a sleeping Rosie, snapped by Justin.

Apparently cleaning up litter costs the nation around £885m annually, so if this campaign goes any way towards stopping people from dropping litter, so much the better. Good luck to Sir Litternot and his trusty band.