Sunday, March 25, 2012

T3 Spring Fair and Swap Shop

As you can see, we had great fun yesterday. If you weren't there, shame on you. If you were, thanks muchly!
Video features the great Nina Clark who came along and treated us to some fab tunes, and the music on the video is called 'Happy Alley' by Kevin MacLeod of

We raised around £140 to help fund our ongoing projects and new ventures, again, much appreciated and thanks to all that came along.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Things Ain't What They Used T' Be

From the Kentish Express recently:

Once again the lumbering behemoth that is Tesco feels the need to expand yet another already huge store. Opinion is as usual divided on this one. I think you guys know what my opinion is. Do we really need more of what Tesco has to offer?

And then there were these three mini-articles.

Two doors down from Anatoli is a shop that has been many things over the years, but has recently reopened as a gentlemen's hairdresser. What is with Tenterden? At last count, we had

  • Mazi Barbers
  • Jaselyn's
  • The Barber Shop
  • ManGo
  • Keith Francis
  • Master Cutters
  • William-Charles
  • Pizzazz
That's eight hair establishments in a town of 9,000. Now we have Dyson Brown. That is nine, and in my opinion, quite enough. Who owns the Dyson Brown building? The same landlord that owns Anatoli, and Shire in the following article.

Economic contraction, then, or greedy landlords? Or a bit of both? Or something else entirely?

Finally, these people are retiring, but yet again, another shop stands empty.

CleanUp Tenterden Day 2

That's right folks, we are going to be picking up all that lovely litter again. 10 am, sports pavilion on the Rec, Sunday April 15th. Come one, come all!

We Plough The Fields

Well, remember I was talking about the fields behind us being denuded? Recently, the field directly behind us, which used to be an orchard a long time ago and then was cleared and has been used for the past few years mainly for dog-walking and footy playing, was ploughed and then levelled. We don't know why, but it is I think fairly safe to assume that a ploughed field will be used or planting some sort of crop. I know it's not always the case, but if it is, I can only say that it's better than being built on. Anyway, I took some pics from the bedroom window.

If anyone knows for sure what they're actually going to do with this field, let me know.