Sunday, December 29, 2013

Treasure Hunt - Pictures and Results

The Vine was packed as usual!

Fraser was hard at work behind the bar.

Some really natty dressers in town.

The KM photographer showed up to snap us.

Rosie did her best to help.

Mum was trying to answer the questions.

Alright people - here they are. The results, and the answers.

The winner of the adult prize was Jean Sugden with an impressive 27 out of 28 points! She wins a meal for two at The Vine.

The under-16s winner was Lily Bromfield with a very respectable 22 points. She wins a Waterstone's Gift Card!

A special mention to the Crotty family for an ingenious but incorrect answer to the cryptic 'penniless fellows'!

Now... the answers!


  1. What do the following have in common? Winchelsea, Hope,
Playwright, Theatre and Honey? Cottages in Bells Lane
  1. Could this be the King of Pop's Street? Jacksons Lane
  2. Not so much of the hula, more the cross-stitch! Hoop
  3. Outfitters for the rainy season? Monsoon
  4. Does one visit the toilet wearing grassy footwear? Moshulu (MOW_SHOE_LOO)
  5. Which buildings in Tenterden used to be cinemas? M&Co. Was the Embassy Cinema and The Fairings was The Picture Palace
  6. Which three businesses in the High Street have recently been
affected by fire? Webb's, Cafe Rouge, Waterstones
  1. Rolvenden's Old Dairy brewery is moving to Tenterden, but
Tenterden's last brewery, Obadiah Edwards & Sons, closed in 1922.
Where was it located? Rear of The Vine
  1. Writers might drop anchor here. Quill House
  2. Travel arrangements for our man in Havana? Voyager
  3. Knight to bishop 3. Your Move
  4. The town's smallest listed building. Milestone
  5. Penniless fellows? Ladbrokes
  6. Long Eaton Cable. No.88 B&B
  7. Charles Steel was born when? 1916 – bench outside museum
  8. Barbours next to the hairstylist? Tackle & Gun Shop
  9. Place to have your wedding reception perhaps? Honeymoon
  10. Have a double espresso while Rome burns. Caffe Nero
  11. Fix your motor in the middle of town. Central Garage
  12. Britain's Got Talent near The Woolpack. Rising Star
  13. Where is OSBM S5935? Town Hall (flush bracket)
  14. MHCF 001? Lamppost outside Boots
  15. Who donated the Rotary Club Christmas tree? Hole Park Estate
  16. Father and Son business with a royal connection, perhaps. William Charles

Where are these located?
Cancer Research UK

 Factory Shop

Nat West 

 Outside Junior School & Ivy Court

Hope you all had fun!