Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Forum and Against'um

The other day someone took to the Tenterden town forum to assert their view that Transition Towns, along with chemtrails, UFOs and the Illuminati, are all wrapped up in some massive global conspiracy to do... what? It never really became clear what evils we at T3 are supposed to be perpetrating upon the general public. Our man Justin came to our defence - but really, he didn't have to do much defending - after all, we weren't really sure what we were being accused of, if anything. But if you'd like to be entertained for a few minutes, read the full post at http://www.tenterdentown.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1863&sid=9292ceb5f5ea59bb4be40caf7e09e4a7. Have fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Swap Shop

T3 / Freegle Recycle Swap Shop

Sat, Aug. 17th 2013, Highbury hall, Tenterden, 1pm to 5pm

What is a ‘recycle swap shop’?

Many of us have things in our homes which we no longer want or use, but we feel are too good to throw away.  These things sit around, sometimes for years, waiting for us to find the right person to give them to, and eventually they may end up being thrown in the bin.

The Recycle Swap Shop is an event run by Tenterden Freegle and Transition Town Tenterden (T3) to provide an alternative for local people who would prefer to recycle such unwanted items to others in the community, rather than throw them away.

You can bring your items to the hall and leave them there for others to take away.
At the same time, you can look around and see if there is anything you’d like to take away yourself!
You are welcome to only bring stuff, or to only take stuff, or to just come along and browse and have some  refreshments and a chat. This is a social event too, where everyone wins!
Anything left over will be disposed of through TenterdenFreegle, charity shops or recycling, as appropriate.
Takers get things they want for free!
We all end up with a chance to meet other local families for a Saturday get-together, and we put less rubbish in landfill, saving both the environment and taxpayers money.
A few points to note:

Please bring items between 1pm and 2pm. You may browse and take items from 1pm onwards.
All items MUST be 100% free and must be from domestic (not commercial) sources.
Please try to bring things as early as possible.
If you have bulky items, like bikes or furniture, then please don’t bring these to the swap shop.  Instead, a notice board will be provided for you to leave a description of your item (if you have photos that would be even better) along with a contact email address or phone number.
Don’t bring anything illegal!
Don’t bring anything dangerous (no sharp knives, weapons, etc)
No pets or livestock.
No rubbish.  Please don’t bring anything that really is no good to anyone.  The Swap Shop is run by a small group of local people who volunteer their time to organise these events and we don’t want to end up with a whole room full of rubbish to take to the dump!
No mains electrical items.