Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well, it's been a few days and we have lots of stuff in the works. Last night's Bike To Work Wednesday was a bit of a washout, as it was raining, so even though there were 5 of us there, none of us actually came on bikes (oops!). I would have come on my bike were it not for two things - one, I'd had a hell of an afternoon with job interviews that were apparently non-existent when I got there etc., and two, I had a whole bunch of stuff to carry (paperwork etc.) and I was not comfortable with riding a bike in the rain with a big bag swinging from the handlebars. I have no basket or bike rack so it was cadge a lift time. However, the car was sporting magnificent new door magnets with our logo on them! So, what did we discuss?
BTWW always turns into a sort of mini-meeting with lots of T3 things being added to the projects list and minor victories being replayed. Things like actually spotting one of our posters up on a board somewhere. It's always a bit like Russian Roulette when you ask someone to put up a poster. You never can tell whether it will actually get put up or binned. I went last week to the Tenterden Police Office (not a station any more, just a small shop-front) to give them a CleanUp Day poster and a BTWW poster, but I was told that they could not guarantee it would be put up as technically speaking they aren't supposed to display anything in the window that does not have a Kent Police logo on it. Oy vey! I had a similar experience recently in Boots the Chemist. The lady was happy to take the poster but apparently the regional manager does not like to see posters up in the shop as it apparently makes for a 'tatty' appearance. So as long as the shop staff see the posters that's Ok with me.

Posters are all very well but getting mentioned in the paper is better. Last week I sent a news release about Clean Up Day to the Kentish Express. They published it in slightly altered form the same week. About 5 minutes after I found out we were in the paper I got an irate phone call about the article from someone who is a resident of the Cranbrook Rd, near Chris Weir's recycling facility at Parkgate Business Park. The Cranbrook Road is very pretty, I grant you, but it's not a private road. This lady was concerned that my article might cause everyone to suddenly abandon going to the recycling facilities behind Tesco and behind The Leisure Centre and come stampeding in their hordes down to Chris Weir, causing all kinds of horrible traffic and noise. While I calmly reassured her that this was not our intent, I couldn't help thinking, "Well, you do live on the same road as a business park, lady... you've got to expect some traffic. After all it is a main thoroughfare." Still - at least we know that someone read the article.

So we press on. More later.

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