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Helping Out at Highbury Hall Cleanup

Highbury Hall was built in the 1960s for use as a youth club. The hall can also be hired out. As of late it has fallen into a state of poor repair, and some new committee members are trying to spruce it up and make it into a useful hall again. Currently it houses a playgroup and there are occasional book fairs and some other sundry uses, but no youth club. Former Mayor Cllr. Alan Sugden decided to have a morning of weeding and pruning and we at T3 decided to help out. In between digging weeds out of various cracked paving stones, I took a few shots.

Laura found an Elephant Hawk Moth!

Christopher really digs weeding.

Christine proudly wearing her T3 colours.

Justin gets gloved up.

Carolyn made beverages for the crew.

A plant bed which, after years of being covered in leaf mould, has become very rich soil. We'd like to see it become a vegetable or flower bed maintained by us and the playgroup students.

There were 26 bags of weeds!

UPDATE: A little bit of press coverage!
Click to see full-size. I need to send them a better picture. I hate that one.

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