Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cultural Exchange?

Hi folks, remember a while back I mentioned that a lady named Denise from Transition Eugene over in Oregon in the great USA is planning to visit Europe and the UK in the autumn, and was looking to visit as many Transition groups over here as she did so? You don't? Well, I'm telling you now.

I just received an email from her, she was very excited about the prospect of visiting us here. I had emailed her and told her not just about what our group is up to but that our other Transition friends here in Kent are doing great things also.

Are there any members of transition groups here in Kent that are willing to host her for a few days while she is here in the fall? If you're interested, look for her profile on the CouchSurfing site (www.couchsurfing.org) and do a search using the location (Eugene, Oregon) and the name Denise, keyword permaculture.

Denise says of CouchSurfing: "The couchsurfing idea has great promise, sustainability-wise and for just plain fun!  I've already hosted a couple of wonderful people at my home.  I love undermining the (predominantly) corporate "hospitality" industry while creating a more meaningful travel experience, whether through hosting or surfing.  Even people who don't have room to host travelers can put up a profile and meet travelers who are coming to or passing through their area--either to actively show them their home turf in a way only locals can, or just to meet for a cup of coffee and conversation.
It's a great way to meet people and exchange ideas.  A great way to spread the seeds of sustainable thinking, for one thing!  Hee hee hee...  so subversive...  people come for a free place to sleep and end up learning about using dishwater to flush the toilet!  LOL!  I highly recommend it for Transition Folk."

I wholeheartedly agree!

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