Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Community Garden: A Good Start

We recently were given permission to start the Community Garden, and had been on the lookout for some plants and seeds with which to start proceedings. Zillah, a friend of ours from Horsmonden, has a lovely garden that she spends a lot of time tending, and her sister usually relies on her to provide her with extra plants for her garden which she annually opens to the public. However, this year Zillah's sister did not open her garden and therefore had no need of the extra plants, so we came to the rescue and relieved her of some! While we were there, Zillah and her husband Martin proffered a bottle of home-made cider. Don't mind if I do!

It was very nice cider I must say. Had a bit of poke to it for sure, but a nice smooth flavour, somewhere between dry and medium dry, made from Worcester apples last November. Martin showed me the press he uses, which he bought for about £100.

So, with plants loaded up, we set off in the T3-mobile. 

Today we got to the Hall nice and early and after two and a half hours weeding and planting we had a nice selection of plants put in. 

Not bad for a chubby wheezing guy and  his sis with the gammy arm!

One thing we noticed was the area between the back of the hall and the rear wall of the property is quite wide, but needs some serious cleaning. Once done, it might be a nice area for some veggies. We will have to get the far end closed off though.

It looks a lot shadier than it actually is. The far end is nice and open to the sun.

Tomorrow night, folks, is a double whammy. Bike To Work Wednesday at 5pm at the White lion, followed by the monthly meeting at Number 75 at 7pm, when some seriously cool stuff will be unveiled! Be there or be uninformed!

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