Saturday, March 23, 2013

T3 Quiz Night!

Well folks, last night was our long-awaited T3 Quiz Night, and what a night it was.

We had 8 teams taking part in our somewhat different 15-round quiz. Yes, that's right - we had  8 Q&A type rounds and 7 picture rounds. Some easy questions and some not so easy, and some downright stumpers!

Our buddy Phill who built the Smoothy Bike (and also the yet-to-be-unveiled Smoothy Bike II) supplied the PA, Justin supplied the beer and did a bunch of printing for us, and Carolyn, Cheryl, Christine and Cathy did all the setting up, taking down, making teas and coffees and everything else in between. I did all the question-setting and quizmastering, and other able assistance was provided by Laura and Ewan, who did a sterling job with the raffle tickets, amongst other things.

Even baby Rosie was there.

Oh, and it was Christopher's birthday, so we all sang Happy Birthday to him. Nothing like a bit of public humiliation to make it a real birthday, right?

The winners were a team called Who Are We? and won a bottle of wine apiece. My team (which, as I was not competing, was called Jeffless) came second. The team with the least points were called The Stumblebums and got the booby prize of some Mini Eggs!

Next event on the calendar is Clean Up Tenterden Day IV, which takes place on Sunday April 28th at 11am on the Recreation Ground, next to the pavilion. Be there!