Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Plans

So what lies ahead? 2011 was a great start, but we need to not only step up our game in '12, we need to implement some of the ideas we talked about in '11. Here's a little list of some of the delights that await...

  • Bike Generator.  We talked about getting a hold of one last year, this is the year we make it a reality. We plan to use it to not only power PA systems and other items for outdoor events (concerts, film screenings) but also we plan to hook it up to a smoothie maker for all those summer events such as Tentertainment.
  • Zero Carbon Jam.  So far five bands/artists have expressed an interest, it just remains to fix the venue and date, and get a hold of that bike generator. 
  •  Music in general   As well as the Zero Carbon Jam, I'd like to incorporate music into other events that we are planning, such as the Spring Fair  aka  T3tea2  in March. Any performers out there like to come to our Spring Fair? Give us a call.
  • To tie in with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June we've been tasked with recreating a '50s style youth club/coffee bar at Highbury Hall which has somehow acquired the nickname 'Retro Time Tunnel O' Tunes'. We'll be playing era-appropriate music and serving up frothy coffee while all the cats and chicks do the bop and the hand jive. Or something like that.
  • We'll be of course expanding the Community garden, hopefully installing the recently-acquired composter and water butt and expanding the bug hotel installations all over town. So far the Churchyards of St. Mildred's and St. Michaels are set to receive the bug treatment and Brownie groups and schools are also keen to join in the fun!
Keep on checking back for more updates...

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