Friday, January 13, 2012

Bug Hotel Project

We are currently trying our darnedest to get this project off the ground. It all started when we installed a few homemade bug hotels at Highbury hall during our Weeding and Wood-chipping event back in November, and when we were scoping out the route for T3 Treasures, our Boxing day Walk/Quiz last month, we spotted some potential sites in churchyards, so we contacted the vicar, Rev. Canon Lindsay Hammond.

He put us in touch with both Shirley Docker who runs the Sunday School and a Brownie pack, and also Ashford Borough Council who are responsible for maintaining the churchyards (mowing etc.). Shirley was very interested in getting involved, and A.B.C. sent us maps of the sites so we can mark on them where our installations will be and they can keep the groundsmen informed so the bug hotels don't get destroyed, mowed over or otherwise trashed.

I then sent out a letter and called some people to expand the area covered and generate some more interest. Those who wish to get involved so far are:

  • St. Mildred's Church (Sunday Club)
  • St. Michael's Brownies
  • St. Michael's Church
  • St. Michael's C. of E. Primary School
  • Tenterden Junior School
  • Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre
  • Church of St. Mary, Ebony
Now all that remains is for us to organise dates for setting these up with the various people involved. As I said, it is intended to be an ongoing project so we'll keep you updated with our progress. And if you would like to participate or you think you know people or an organisation that might be interested in joining in, please do not hesitate to contact us either via the blog, Facebook page or email, or call me on 07506899337.

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