Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving Boxes, Reused

You may remember back in the summer when we were gearing up for our CleanUp Tenterden Day, we were talking with Chris Weir of Parkgate recycling and discussing using his facility for plastic recycling etc.

We just went down to visit Chris a few days ago and drop off some sacks of household plastic. He told us of his latest venture - he is supplying moving boxes. These are boxes that come in to him for recycling, and he personally checks each and every one for defects. Those that are sound will get reused as moving boxes and those that are damaged will just get baled as per normal for recycling. His boxes are of all sizes and either single- or double-walled, and are significantly cheaper from him (50p for double-walled and 28p for single) than buying them from a traditional box supplier. Also he will supply large quantities to moving companies at discounted bulk rates.

Please, if you or someone you know is moving in the near future, or if you know of a removals firm that could benefit from quality packing boxes at a good price, let them know. You can call Chris directly on 07411110856.


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