Saturday, November 26, 2011

T3 November Meeting - Minutes

             T3 meeting, 24th November 2011, William Caxton.

Present:- Carolyn, Laura, Justin, Christine, Chris, Phil, Sue C, Jo, Claire

Apologies from Jeff

Since the last meeting on 20th October, we've had a successful morning weeding and winterising Highbury Hall Garden on the 20th November. We weeded the entire area, planted Daffodil bulbs and spread the entire area with woodchips. This should keep the weeds down until the spring. The woodchips were donated by Fernshire Tree Services in Staplehurst. We also made and positioned some bug hotels. Thanks go especially to Sue C for doing so much hard work, and to Di Greaves who came from Wales to help!

Lights Out Tenterden. The lights are scheduled to be on for 2nd December (late night shopping) and Lights Out will be on Friday 9th. We sent questionnaires to all the businesses in town, with the help of Sue F and the Chamber. We have had some responses, of which 78% have their lights on after closing. Astonishingly 36% of them have no idea what kind of bulbs they use. We will ask Sue F to send out a reminder to everyone, and encourage as many as we can to switch their lights off on the 9th. Jeff will hopefully take some photos on the night.

St Michaels Village Christmas Fair. This is on Sunday, 27th November from 2-4pm. We have a stall there in exchange for a raffle prize. We will take the opportunity to do some awareness raising, show some bug hotel ideas and sell some T3 jam. Everyone is welcome to help man the stall, talk to the public and generally mingle!

Treasures of Tenterden This is set for Monday 26th December, to coincide with the Hunt. Steve at The Vine has agreed to let us have a table inside The Vine, but volunteers to mingle with the crowd and encourage participation are needed. We need to get there by 11 to get set up. We have almost completed the questions, but still need to walk and time the route. Volunteers for that too! We need to get the sheets printed, as well as posters.

January Event As yet we don't have an event planned for January. Suggestions were a Quiz night, with a local theme, or a film show or possibly combine the two, with a supper of some sort. Possibly using Highbury Hall or Zion Baptist as a venue.

Future Events and suggestions
Swap Shop (plants,seeds,books,etc) at the end of February
A T3 Tea event around Easter, possibly combined with a 'Clean Up ' Day
Sue C suggested a 'Green Up' day as a title
We need to fix a date and venue for the Zero Carbon Jam, and work out the logistics of this.
We have been offered a stall at May Fair
Can we get a stall at Tentertainment?
Diamond Jubilee celebrations: Saturday, a Craft Fair on the Rec. Monday, a 'Retro Coffee Bar' in Highbury Hall
Phill would be able to make a pedal powered Smoothie Maker if we can get hold of an old bicycle and blender. This would be good fun to use at outdoor events.

10th December there is an open day at Kench Hill. This is an ideal opportunity to go and have a look at the set up there, including the fabulous Ridan composter etc.

Date of Next Meeting
Thursday 15th December, venue to be confirmed.

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