Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lights Out Tenterden: The Numbers (So Far)

You may recall a few weeks ago we sent out a questionnaire to all businesses and shops in the High Street, to try to encourage them to participate in Lights Out Tenterden, which is coming up fast, folks! Friday December 9th is the big night and we want to see as many shops on that night with their lights off. So far the response has been interesting. After crunching some numbers, Carolyn has come up with these sets of figures:

Of the responses we have had, 79% have lights on at night.

Of these, 73% are window display, and 37% are Security lights. There is an overlap, hence the figures dont add up to 100.

67% have lights on all night, and 37% are on until midnight (or earlier ie 11pm).

55 % are on for aesthetic purposes, 36% are a Security requirement, and 27 % by Head office instruction (again,an overlap in the answers).

45% pay the bill themselves, 55% are paid by Head Office.

64 % use Halogen, 36% don't know.

36 % are prepared to turn off for one night only, 64% are NOT prepared to turn off at all.

So, those are the numbers so far. Let's see if we get a late surge of responses to improve some of these.

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