Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forthcoming Happenings


Sunday November 20th - Weeding and Winterizing Our nascent Community Garden at Highbury Hall needs a major weeding. We are having some free woodchips delivered by Fernshire Tree Services in Staplehurst, and we have a large quantity of bulbs to plant, so get your gardening gear on and head to the Hall on the morning of Nov. 20 to weed, plant, and spread woodchips over the flower beds to protect the bulbs and combat weeds. We are also creating some insect hotels and placing them about the place. We'll get to the Hall at about 9 and should be done by lunchtime - the more people show up the faster we can get it done!

Thursday November 24th - T3 November Meeting  Our November meeting will be held at The William Caxton on the evening of the 24th November at 7pm. All are welcome to attend and participate. If you have something you think we should be tackling, let us know!

Sunday November 27th - St. Michaels Village Hall Christmas Fayre  We shall have a stall at the Christmas Fayre, informing people of our projects and we'll also be creating bug hotels, which is a fun project for kids and helps remind everyone about the need to look after our native wildlife species during the winter months. Please attend and if you'd like to help man the stall and make bug hotels etc. let us know.

Friday December 9th - Lights Out Tenterden  Exactly one week after the Tenterden Christmas Lights are switched on for the holiday season, we are organising this event in order to highlight the issues of saving energy and light pollution. For the uninitiated, light pollution is extraneous light that filters into the night sky from lampposts and shop windows and cars, making the sky never truly dark. Ever looked across the fields at night and seen an orange glow on the horizon from a town's lights? That's light pollution.

The businesses in the High Street have been asked to switch off their lights after closing time in order to make the High Street Christmas lights look that much brighter and more festive. The participants are doing this on a strictly voluntary basis and some have volunteered to do it on more than one night. As we move towards a world in which more and more alternative energy solutions must be considered, we at T3 are trying to help the Town's traders move in the right direction. After all, if the Chamber of Commerce can reduce their Christmas lighting power bill by over £1000 just by switching to low-energy bulbs, then there is no reason why we all cannot benefit in the same way.

Monday December 26th - T3's Treasures Of Tenterden   On Boxing Day a good brisk walk does us all good after scoffing all the yummies on offer on the Big Day, so why not combine a good walk with a bit of history, a test of knowledge and the chance to win a prize?

 We will be at The Vine on Boxing Day, right after the annual hunt, and you can pick up from us a quiz sheet which will guide you on a tour around some of the hidden treasures of Tenterden. Simply by following the route, answering a few questions correctly and using your observational skills, and returning the completed sheet back to us, you just may win something. You'll feel better after a nice stroll and you will probably feel smarter too!

If you want to get involved in any of the above activities then head over to our Facebook page at or shoot me an email at If you want a chat call me on 07506899337.

Cheers y'all


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