Friday, September 23, 2011

September Meeting - Minutes

T3 Meeting 22/9/11 The William Caxton
Present :- Jeff, Carolyn, Chris, Christopher, Justin, Jo Vos, Niki, Jean, Jeannie, Dave, Richard .
Apologies :- Emma, Sue F

Clean Up Day. This will be on Saturday, 24th September, 10 AM at ThePavilion. The Leisure Centre will be providing Tea and Coffee. The William Caxton will be giving 20% off food for all participants on the day. Jo Vos will have the keys to the pavilion, Christine will obtain extra electric tokens from the Town Hall.
Jeff asked that people bring cameras to take photos. Everybody to arrive at the pavilion to register at 10 AM, and disperse to collect rubbish. All to bring back their rubbish to the pavilion between 12 and 1, and help sort the recyclables etc. Jeff noted how many phone calls from interested parties he had been receiving largely due to a town-wide mailer that went out from the Chamber of Commerce encouraging people to participate. (Big thanks to Sue, who could not attend)

T3TEA . October 1st, Highbury Hall,10-4. Tea, coffee, cakes, jams, chutneys. Displays of projects, 12 Vendors. Vendors may arrive from 8AM. Carolyn asked for donations of raffle prizes, cakes, books etc. We will be having a book swap, and a seed swap. Dave offered a voucher from the Sinden Theatre as a prize.

NatWest Community Force Grant. Voting for this starts on 26th September. Jeff asked everyone to go online and vote for our project,and gave the web address.

Lights Out Tenterden. We have discussed this idea previously. We would like to arrange one night, or one week when all the shops and businesses in town have all their lights off. Possibly once the Christmas lights are on. We need to carry out an audit of the High Street, to see which businesses have lights on at night, and then contact them to find out a)why they keep the lights on, and b)would they be willing to turn them off for a night. Justin suggested we carry out the audit after the clocks go back, but Carolyn and Jo thought it should be done sooner if possible.

Boxing Day -Treasures of Tenterden . This is planned to be a walk/quiz/family activity designed to raise awareness of T3, test knowledge of Tenterden, show people bits of Tenterden they might not know, and encourage people to get involved socially. Jeff has spoken to Fraser at the Vine about using the facilities there as a base for this activity. Richard Parsons suggested he may be able to get a copy of the Lions quiz, to give us some ideas for questions. A prize for the best answers was suggested.

Zero Carbon Jam. Jeff has had an idea to hold an acoustic concert, or possibly one using a bicycle generator. He has spoken to Nina Clark, The LuckyOnes, and Tener Duende who are all interested in the idea. Possible venues could be the Millennium Garden,The Zion Baptist Church, Highbury Hall or The Sinden Theatre. Jerry Newson has already said he would be happy for us to use the church, Alan Castle has offered to lend us a stage. Dave said he also has a stage we could use,or the Sinden Theatre itself. Jo Vos said her partner is a musician and would probably be interested in this idea.

::UPDATE:: Upon returning home from the meeting Jeff had an email from local singer-songwriter Pierre Vincent who expressed interest in the idea and wished to be kept informed of our progress. Hastings band Tea Chest Blues have also joined our Facebook group.

Film Screenings. We would like to start holding film shows, to show some of the Transition Films that are available. Again we could use the Baptist Church, Leisure Centre, Millennium Garden or Sinden Theatre. We would have to think about the cost of licenses and venue hire. There are a lot of interesting films available, such as Gasland,which is about 'fracking', In Transition 1.0, Koyaanisqatsi among others.

Next Meeting will be 20th October, 7pm at The Leisure Centre. This is so that we can use the projector system, as we have our guest speaker Steve Hickmott, who will be talking about Transition Towns in Australia.

Richard asked about the Community Garden. Jeff explained how the project came about, and what we are trying to achieve. Volunteers are always welcome. Jo Vos is involved with the Infants school garden, they have recently got a bug hotel. Niki suggested we should go to the Rare Breeds centre and look at the recycling garden there.

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