Tuesday, September 20, 2011


CleanUp Day is this coming Saturday. Ulp! Getting a little nervous, I must say, wondering whether the whole thing is going to be one momentous flop or a raving success. I seriously do not know how many people are going to show up to this thing.  One thing I do know, though, is that we shall be there come hell or high water, outside the the sports pavilion on the lower Rec field, 10 am, this Saturday, September 24th, bags, tabards, gloves and pickers at the ready, waiting to dispatch our willing volunteers to their desired locations and do a bit of neighbourhood cleaning. We will be handing out vouchers to all our participants for 20% off food at The William Caxton for that day only (thank you to Debbie Fleet for letting us do this!). The Tenterden Leisure Centre will have hot tea and coffee for everyone when they return with their bags-o-trash. We will have our town maps ready to check off those streets that get done, and hopefully the local paper will be there to take pictures of the whole shebang.

Speaking of pictures, if our participants could take some pics while they're picking up litter that would be fab, since we would like to use those pictures in future presentations, etc.

A week later comes T3Tea, our coffee-morning-fundraiser-craft-and-food-fair combined, at Highbury Hall. We have 12 confirmed vendors, a nice mix of arts, crafts, produce, and just plain quirky. Should be a blast! 10 am till 4pm at Highbury Hall, Sat October 1st. We'll have teas, homemade cakes and cookies, jams, chutneys, a mini seed swap, a book swap, and raffle for your delectation and delight. Some nice raffle prizes too, some donated by local businesses.

The Community Garden is looking better thanks to the recent addition of some winter pansy, although I must say I was a bit perturbed today when I went to plant a Monarda, some Lamb's-Ears, and a green-yellow shrub I don't know the name of, because I noticed that someone or something had pulled about 3 or 4 of the pansies out, quite randomly. Oh well.

Tomorrow is another Hike & Bike Wednesday at The White Lion, 5:30 pm till 7ish, a wee social gathering of like minded sorts who get there under their own steam for a beverage and a chat. Come along, it's free, we don't bite! (Much.)

And of course Thursday is September's T3 meeting at The William Caxton at 7pm. There is quite a lot to discuss, which reminds me, I must write my agenda....

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