Sunday, May 29, 2011

So What Can I Do?

There are many ways in which you can join in the activities of Transition Town Tenterden.

Step 1: Get More Info

Read our blog at There are lots of links to other pages and Transition Initiatives there, and who knows, some of the ideas on those pages might just inspire you to do something similar in this town!

Step 2: Support The Local Economy - Shop Local

Take advantage of Tenterden's local shops and local farms and food producers who supply nearby shops and also sell from their own locations. 

Step 3: Grow Your Own Food

Even if you only have room for a small plant pot with basil or thyme in it, or a patio planter with a strawberry plant, that's a start. The group encourages you to start growing fresh fruit and veg at home. It's a deeply satisfying (and tasty) way to participate.

Step 4: Reduce/Re-think Your Energy Needs and Consumption

Whether replacing broken light bulbs or an inefficient boiler, make sure your new one is more energy efficient than the last. Actively monitor how much electricity you are using each time you switch a piece of equipment on with an OWL meter. The list of energy reducing things that can be done is long and I am sure you are well aware of them. Do one today! 

Step 5: Join the Transition Town Tenterden Group

If you would like to join us, that would be great - everyone is welcome. Come and share your enthusiasm and time, commit to as much or as little as you would like. We are in the process of deciding on a regular meeting date and venue - if you have a space available that you would like to offer that would be fantastic. It could be a hall, a living room, an office, or it could even be one of the local watering holes... hint hint!

Step 6: We Need Your Input

Transition communities focus their activities on all the key areas of life: food, energy, transport, health, heart and soul, economics and livelihoods, the arts to name but a few. We need to draw on the town's collective genius and use your ideas for developing key areas of focus and new ideas for community projects. Let us know what you have to say.

Step 7: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Over time we will need volunteers for projects, so if you are willing to donate a little of your time to help us, watch this space. As new projects crop up, we will be calling on our members to give up a few hours here and there. Keep your eyes peeled.

Step 8: Tell A Friend

One thing that has a tremendous impact is word-of-mouth. If you are excited by anything we do, let others know, and who knows...

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