Thursday, May 19, 2011

Press Conflab

Had a cuppa with Dan Bloom of the Kentish Express this lunchtime. He just sat there and jotted down about two pages of shorthand while I bent his ear about transition, what it was, why I wanted to make it a reality and what it involved. He asked some well-informed questions (he'd obviously done his homework) and then took a couple of pictures of me standing next to a big old tree. I am glad I got the opportunity to talk to him because in a week he's being moved from the Tenterden beat to the Medway towns area, and we are not sure if he has a replacement yet. The nice thing about Dan, apart from being sickeningly young-looking (I swear he looks like a teenager, even though he's got to be in his twenties - good for you Dan, I hope you remain young-looking a long time) is that he holds these 'reporter's surgeries' once a month in the town where people can come and annoy talk to him. I asked him about that and he said that he wasn't sure if his replacement would do that, as it was largely his idea in the first place. So anyway folks, keep your eyes peeled for next weeks edition of the Kentish Express - you just might see me in it, which will be great, as it will give our cause a big boost!

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