Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Happening

Well, folks, time for a quick update.

CLEANUP DAY rolls on, with the recently designed poster which you should soon be seeing in the High Street shops and other places:

 Today I received a package from Keep Britain Tidy's Big Tidy-Up, where I have recently registered our event, and the package contained tabards for our volunteers, green refuse sacks and clear refuse sacks for recyclables. If we need more it is just a matter of asking for them.

BIKE TO WORK Justin and I have been talking about starting Bike To Work Wednesdays. I very much want to encourage people that work in the town to use a bicycle to get to work at least one day a week, which has been shown to reduce a town's carbon emissions significantly. What we want to do is to have an after-work social at The White Lion (chosen because of its central location, its beer garden in front and its close proximity to the front forecourt of HSBC bank which is a nice area to park and lock your bikes where you can keep an eye on them), on Wednesday evenings. I think (and you can disagree with me if you like - I'm open to suggestions) that July would be a good month to kick this off because it is the month of Zero Carbon Britain Day, which is on July 16th. After all, what mode of transport produces no carbon whatsoever? The humble bicycle. So if you want to improve your health, save money on petrol, help the environment and not have to worry unduly about finding a parking space, bike to work at least once a week, and join your fellow pedal pushers on Wednesday evenings for a bit of a natter and a drink. (Oh, and The White Lion does some nice food too.) If nothing else you won't be slumped at home in front of the telly eating dinner out of a box. You'll be out meeting interesting people and doing something good for yourselves and good for the town. Here's the preliminary design for the poster:

What do you all think?

Next event on our calendar is this coming Sunday, the 26th June, where we will be assisting with the clean and tidy-up of Highbury Hall, which I think we can all agree needs it. Be there ready to weed and beautify and generally spruce the exterior of Highbury Hall at around 10am. If anyone needs a T3 t-shirt I have quite a few. If we want people to join us, to take us seriously, then we have to show some serious commitment to projects such as this that benefit the community as a whole. So let's roll up our sleeves and get stuck in!

Oh, and please remember that the NEXT MEETING is next Wednesday, June 29th at The William Caxton pub, at 7pm. We have lots to talk about so please attend if you can!

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