Monday, June 6, 2011

Gasland? Here?

I just read on the DealWithIt blog that the Kent County Council in their infinite wisdom has approved a test bore site for shale gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') in Kent, near Woodnesborough at the junction of A257/A256. This is extremely worrying.

Hydraulic fracturing involves sending a mixture of sand, water and chemicals at high pressure down a deep tube into the layers of shale below. The pressurized mixture causes the rock to fracture and the stored methane gas to be released. This has been portrayed by the drilling corporations as a 'green' alternative source of energy. In reality it has been known to poison groundwater and make people sick. A similar operation in Blackpool recently hit the headlines because it was apparently causing earth tremors. DealWithIt Coordinator Rosie Rechter said:  “We are very concerned about this. It is not just the recent experience of what has happened in Blackpool although given the amount of old mine workings in the district that is of course a major concern. There is considerable evidence of the danger that this sort of operation poses to our water supply. Given we live in one of the most arid parts of the country we should not be taking risks with our water supply. Our part of Kent has the opportunity for many green energy solutions, from wind farms, tidal and the new energy park recently announced in the district. We do not need Shale Gas in Kent. We call upon the Kent County Council and Dover District Council to reject the application.”

We at Transition Town Tenterden hereby second that. The Planning application is KCC/DO/0069/2011 and can be viewed at KCC Planning Portal here 

A recent Guardian article explains the process - here.

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