Monday, April 4, 2016

Post-Clean Up Day

We had a pretty good turnout and some decent weather for Clean Up Tenterden Day yesterday. About 30 people in total came out and volunteered their time for a good cause - namely, to rid Tenterden and St. Michaels of a bunch of its litter. They did that very well indeed - there was a total of 26 bags of rubbish at the end of it all. The event was a collaboration between T3 and Tenterden Town Council, and the Council was represented by Cllrs. Ken Mulholland (who was also representing the St. Michaels Village Committee), Sue Ferguson, Justin Nelson and Nic Gooch. We also had a contingent from the Rotary Club and a team from NatWest Bank. Well done to all who participated!

As usual during sorting we happened upon some unusual items of litter. Here are some of them.

A broken gooseneck lamp and an input/output box from a VCR, as well as some random car bits.

See? Even Mercedes owners chuck stuff in the verges. Nobody is exempt.

An odd one, this - a can of Castlemaine XXXX lager, which hasn't been available in the UK since 2009 when AB Inbev's licensing agreement ended. So that can has been sitting in a ditch or hedgerow somewhere for over 7 years.

The sorting station.

The collection in St.Michaels.
We'll see you all next time!

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