Friday, February 19, 2016

Clean Up Day 2016 is Coming!

This is the post that would have gotten posted yesterday had it not been for the over-zealous phishing software at Google that caused my T3 blog to be locked, pending deletion yesterday. Google did apologise for their transgression, which is nice. So, anyway...

We at T£ would like to invite you all to come on down to our semi-annual Clean Up Tenterden litter pick, on April 3rd at Highbury Hall. As usual we'll be gathering at 11am and sending you all off to different areas of the town (you can choose where you want to go) so you can pick up rubbish, bring it back so we can sort it, and then it'll be collected for disposal/recycling the following day. 

We had a good turnout last time, but let's see if we can make it even bigger and better this time! The trash has been piling up all winter and there's not too much foliage to hide it yet, so we should get a good pile.

Oh, and tell your friends, get them to come along - it's much more fun in a group!

Highlights from previous cleanups:

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