Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bill Nye Vs Gregory and Blackburn

Climate change is a fact. The debate is over, in the words of President Obama. So why do so many politicians and others still disbelieve it?

You wanna know what I think? They secretly DO believe it. They are just scared of how much it's going to cost to switch to alternative energies in order to alleviate the effects of it. They seem to think that spending money on test drilling for fracking is a better idea than investing in wind, solar etc., you know, clean, sustainable, renewable energy. They want to pretend it's not happening.

We humans seem to want to maintain our lovely lazy wasteful lifestyles and changing to different energy sources and investing in your local economy and getting out there and relearning old skills like sewing, knitting, hedge laying etc. seem like a lot of work for a long-term gain, whereas fracking seems like, yeah, it's expensive, but it's more or less instant, we can keep our petrochemical driven vehicles going for a while longer before we have to return to horse and cart, phew!

Humans are lazy. And climate change denial is part of us wanting to keep on being lazy and rely on men in suits and white coats to tell us what to do, rather than getting off our backsides and actually DOING something.

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