Thursday, April 5, 2012


In August we are planning a Low Impact concert. All being well it will be held at the Zion Baptist Church in Tenterden's High Street. It will be 'low impact' because we will be staging it in the late afternoon/early evening to reduce the need for excessive lighting (being August, it won't get dark till after 9pm). Our PA will be powered by a bank of car batteries deep cycle carbon fibre batteries and a power inverter. The batteries will have been charged using solar panels and a wind turbine. We'll hopefully be providing beverages - hopefully beer - which will cost you less if you bring your own reusable glass or cup. UPDATE - No beer unfortunately, but we'll have some form of beverages. And of course, you are free to bring your own. There will definitely be nibbles of some sort. And the musicians that will be performing? Check this out, y'all.

The lovely and extremely talented Nina Clark!

The wonderfully wacky, truly talented and definitely danceable Hastings combo The Lucky Ones!

The terrific troubadour from sunny Deal, Pierre Vincent!

Well folks, whaddya reckon? How's that for a lineup?


  1. Jeff they are not car batteries! They are deep cycle carbon fibre batteries, specifically for off grid solutions. You really must stop falling asleep when I explain the details to you! :-)
    By the way the batteries will have been partially charged by my wind turbine as well as the PV