Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Axe To Grind

Today at Rolvenden Market Sis encountered a nice chap from Mid Kent Sharpening - yes, you guessed it folks, he sharpens things. Knives, tools, basically anything with a blade. While you wait. Since we here at T3 prefer to repair or fix things before we chuck them out, then a service like his is right up our alley. Here is the link to the website: Click on it and get those tools sharpened for spring!

However, this is not the whole story, for he is also involved with a charitable cause: Tools with a Mission sends unwanted tools to Third World countries like Nigeria, India and Uganda to help people learn skills to be able to support themselves. Here's the website:

Here is a pdf document outlining the tools they can use. Don't chuck away those old tools - give'm to TWAM.

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