Thursday, October 6, 2011

T3Tea, and Beyond

Hi Folks!

It's been a little while since I had anything of note to say on here but that's due to the fact that for the last few weeks we had been frenetically preparing for two T3 events that were only a week apart - first, CleanUp Tenterden Day, and then, T3Tea, which were both great successes!

T3Tea was... well, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

This way!

Morghew Potatoes, Christopher, and Mark Sidders set up.

The girls from Morghew Potato Shop.

John Burnett from Quarter House Alpacas.

Deborah Good of Pretty Goods setting up.

The young man whose name I didn't catch from Silcocks, with his cheeses ready to be sampled.

Kench Hill Centre's selection of yummies.

The Funky Hen and Tenterden Makers

Nightingales Honey from Gibbet Oak were there too.

Punters! Enjoying their cakes and teas.

Kevin and Mandy Stewart came along and donated books for the book swap and home made jams and chutneys , and some nice home grown chillies. They also manned the stalls.

Sue Childs brought some home grown apples.

Sis busy selling raffle tickets and Jo Vos the Town Warden in the background poring over the book selection.

Tenterden Makers.

Nicki takes a break.

Kev Stewart - ready for anything.

Laura was an absolute trouper in the kitchen, brewing teas and slicing cake with  aplomb.

Sis taking the raffle money and keeping track of everything and  everyone.

Sandi from Kench Hill brought some nice strawberry plants for the plant swap.

Our display boards standing in the centre of the hall.

Mark's woodcarving stand next to Christopher's electric bike.

Silcocks and Nightingales in the background, Lucy Downer's upcycled fashion accessories in the foreground.

Pretty Goods.

Sue Childs manned the tea station for a while!

Big big thanks to all that helped. It was a fabulous day and we all enjoyed ourselves. It was a gorgeous hot sunny day which was perfect for the Folk Festival. Hope to see better crowds when we do it again next time, probably Easter time but who knows?

On to the next project, which we are calling Lights Out Tenterden. Our aim is to encourage those businesses in the High Street (and elsewhere, too) that leave lights on at night to switch them off, for a night, a week or whatever. We first need to identify exactly whose lights are left on at night and for how long, then canvas those businesses in order to ascertain the reasons why the lights are on. For some it may be an issue of security, but surely not for all. If we can tie-in the Lights Out Week with the same week of the switching on of the Tenterden Christmas Lights (which got switched in recent years from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, causing a significant drop in power bills), that would be fab! Watch this space.

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