Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Meeting - Minutes

Meeting of 25th August, at The Vine

Present:- Jeff, Carolyn, Justin, Chris, Christine, Andrew, Sue F, Sue C, Jo Vos, Ann Barnes, Anne B, Ken Shadbolt, Marg Ferguson. Apologies from Emma Isworth, James Scott, Lizzie Power and Ian Brooks.

(Also in attendance were Sue Gilbert, Carol James, John James, apparently thinking we were having a meeting about housing!)

Jeff gave us an update from Lizzie at No.75, on the progress of 'Crop Swap'. They have been getting some donations, albeit slowly. They are also starting a food market on the terrace every Friday. It was agreed this sounded like a goood idea. The issue of the general market was raised, the general feeling being that it isn't very good spread around theHigh Street as it is. It would be much better if it was all in one place, as it used to be. We will ask the Town/Borough councils about the feasibility of putting it all in one spot, maybe Bridewell Lane Car Park.

Clean Up day update. The Guides have volunteered to help out, doing the area around the infant/junior school. We are getting people starting to volunteer now. We haven't been able to get the contacts for the neighbourhood watch, but hopefully Ann Barnes' husband will be able to help. Sue F has taken the role of 'Sharps Collector' for the day, this will ensure nobody takes any unneccessary risks on the day. When anyone spots any sharps they can ring Sue and she can go to get the items safely. 

Bike to Work Wednesday is to be renamed Hike and Bike Wednesday, to make it more inclusive. We need to promote this event more extensively. Every Wednesday, 5.30-6.30 ish, White Lion.

T3TEA update. 1st October, 10-4, Highbury Hall. A traditional fund raising coffee morning, with a mini market of local traders. Confirmed so far are Pretty Goods, Funky Hen, Gusborne Vineyard, Morghew Potatoes, Quarterhouse Alpacas. There will be displays about our projects, and chutney and jam made from foraged and donated fruits. Some Raffle prizes have been donated by Sandpipers, but we still need more. We also need volunteers to help, and Cakes etc. to sell. Ann Barnes volunteered to make a cake, and to help out. Sue F and Anne B offered some Chamber of Commerce umbrellas for raffle prizes.

St Michaels Fun Day. We have a stall booked for this event, and have a gazebo, table and plenty of promotional items to hand out. This is an awareness raising event, so we need some volunteers to help out. We will take some chutney etc along, and some cookies etc to draw people in. The fair is from 12-5, so we need to be there from 10.30 to set up.

The idea of trying to get all the shops to turn off the lights at night was discussed again, and this led to a discussion about the town's Christmas Lights.These are paid for by the Chamber of Commerce, and are now low energy bulbs.There has been criticism of these lights against the old muti colour ones, but Sue F explained that the saving on the cost of electricity has been enormous.

Jeff announced our new project idea, an awareness raising plan . We intend to create a walk/treasure trail around Tenterden, which we will run on Boxing Day, to coincide with the Hunt. We will set clues to lead people around the 'back ' of the High Street, to promote the various facilities and remind them of the hidden parts of Tenterden. We will also be promoting 'Green' issues in the walk, as well as interesting facts about the town. We hope to tie in the pubs and the churches to help us promote the walk, and to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Highbury Hall Community Garden.   The plants which we put in are thriving. We have used weedkiller on the concrete to try to eradicate the very persistent weeds there. We need more plants and seeds. We have received donations through Freecycle of pots seeds and tools.We also need volunteers to help weed and water on a regular basis. We will try to meet with Marie at the playgroup asap to work out the best way of involving the children.

Open Green Map. This was suggested to us by Di Greaves at Transition Llandrindod.  Sue C explained that this is an interactive map, in which you can audit your town and show all the various 'green' things, with different categories, e.g. resilience, local source, etc. The map can be used in various ways, to promote the town, to measure resilience and so on. It is possible to upload photos, write reviews of each item and so on. Jeff has signed up to start a map for Tenterden, but it is a large project , so again we will be looking for volunteers to get involved. 

We have applied to the NatWest Community Force scheme for a grant. Our application has been accepted, and voting starts on September 26th.

The next meeting is September 22nd, two days before Cleanup Day, venue to be confirmed.

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